Picture Collage
I love to game and it's one of
my favorite things to do.
I love to run, being part of the
cross country and track teams,
and be active
I greatly love Star Wars with all
of its action, plot twists, and amazing
The marvel cinematic universe is
probably my most favorite group
of movies I have ever watched and
it is honestly amazing
I love watching Netflix and any
other movie application because
watching movies for me are a time
to relax and enjoy the show.
I enjoy going to theme parks such
as Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland,
especially with friends.
I love to travel and I want to
visit many places across the globe.
I love cars and driving them and
hopefully if I have the money I would
want a car like this.
Candy is probably my most favorite
treat over any other food because it is
delicious and very very addicting.
One of my favorite games to play is
super smash bros. ultimate and although
I rage a lot it still is very fun to
I love to party and have a fun time
at them too.
Dr. Strange is probably my favorite
superhero with all his abilities and
his ability to see the past, present,
and future.
I love to watch Youtube because
it makes me laugh, helps me study,
and keep me entertained when I am
I love Fast and Furious because
of all the cars and the racing and
the action packed scenes in every