Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. I have several assignments
that I would like to show you. Programming is difficult
but I call it hard fun

Goodbye Project


This Project Demonstrated how to change the text in a text box and put different text with the push of a button.

About Page


This Project Demonstrates how with the push of buttons, can change a picture to a text box with a description of the company

Mailing Label


This project demonstrated how to use text boxes to put all of the info needed and puts it in a specific order as if it were a mail to someone

Car Rental


This project demonstrates how to put the mileage on a rental car and calculate how much it would cost for the desired mileage for the rental.

BMI Calculator


This Project Demonstrates how to calculate the BMI of aperson using algebra and will give a face if the BMI is good or bad.

Car Rental Upgrade


This Project demonstrates an upgraded version of the first car rental using radio buttons to choose between 3 different cars and find the price for each certain mielage.

Test Scores


This project demonstrates how to calculate two test scores and find the average of the two and also identify which test was better.



This program demonstrates how to use a randomizer to get random numbers just as you would on a dice.

Craps Game


This program demonstrates how to use a random generator to roll dice and then use the numbers to apply to the rules of the game.



This program demonstrates how to use checkboxes and radio buttons to get a quantity of shirts and get differentorders for different sizes and type of shirts.

Slot Machine


This program demonstrates how to randomize pictures and if all three match then points will be won.



This program demonstrates how to choose a picture of rock, paper, or scissors, and play against an AI with the choices randomized and winner gets a point.

Break Out Game (Final Project)


This program demonstrates how to play a ame where it bounces off a platform the player can control and attempt to destroy all blocks that are above.